Steve H. Post
March 29, 2012
My name is Steven Hadfield and I am a current student at Covington in the Master of Theology Program. I am enjoying my distance learning studies with the school and Lord willing I am looking forward to coming down to graduation in July.

I know the school, being unaccredited from any governmental agency catches some ridicule for its policy on accreditation. I know that my degree and education that I have received would hold weight with any of the big six seminaries at their Master's level, as it was and still is quite rigorous. May I say I appreciate Covington's position on the issue because to me governmental accreditation is not the "be all and end all" to a good seminary education. Oftentimes it forces a school to have to compromise in order to be compatible with the other accredited schools. Thank you for your stand!
Ambrose E. Post
June 5, 2011
I am a Candidate for Graduation in July 2011. My experience in the D.Min. program has changed my life. It was a positive growth engendering experience for me. Thank you Covington!

Ambrose E.
john c. Post
January 12, 2011
As a graduate of Covington, and a former professor at the Weaver, Alabama extension, I would like to share what a blessing Covington has been in my life.I am reminded if these precious blessing at this time because I am helping a pastor from Haiti get involved with Covington.It is such an honor to have received my DMin degree from Covington. It was also an honor, privilege, and joy to be able to teach as a professor with Covington. I only left that teaching position because GOD moved me to a part of the state where I was not close to an Extension. I miss the teaching tremendously, and hope to return to a teaching position at some point.The people and the program at Covington are exceptional.It is a real honor to be a part of Covington and to reccommend Covington to all who are seeking to be better prepared to serve our LORD in any way.Thank you Covington for GOD'S ministry through you.
John Copeland
FBC, Fulton,Alabama
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 10, 2011
I recently applied to CTS for the Master of Ministry program. The staff were very helpful in answering my questions and providing assistance with registration and courses. I believe after all my research of the different schools out there, the value for dollar and quality of education that is offered at Covington is hard to beat. I am looking forward to furthering my education and training at CTS as I continue my pastoral responsibilites. CTS offers a unique program that is enabling me to remain faithful to the ministry the Lord has called me to and receive further training. May the Lord continue to bless the staff and students at Covington.
Mike B. Post
August 26, 2010
I want to thank you for such a great graduation. I drove 2300 miles round trip to take part in the graduation and it was worth every mile.
Mike Barnett
Dwayne B. Post
August 24, 2010
My name is Dr. Dwayne M. Boudreaux. I recently graduated with a Th.D. in Theology conferred from C.T.S. I am a professor at the main campus in Ft. Ogth. I earned three degrees conferred upon me from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, inclusive of an M.Div. We utilize many of the same text books at C.V.S and N.O.B.T.S. My experience with teaching 40 hours on campus and writing a 60,000 plus word Doctoral Thesis has been overwhelmingly positive. Our students are a blessing to us and we feel honored to help equip them for the ministry God has called them to exercise within the Body of Christ. I endorse C.T.S as an istitutution which knows its mission and helps ministers sharpen their swords. Covington Alumni 2010
Karen J. Post
February 25, 2010
I am currently in my third year of the Bachelor of Ministry degree program with Covington Theological Seminary. One of the best decisions I ever made was to start classes with Covington. While it has been hard work, I have been truly blessed and challenged to excellence, because of the high quality of training that I am receiving. When I started classes at CTS I had not been a student for over 30 years; however, they are providing me with the necessary training that I need to succeed in my ministry of teaching other women the Word of God.
Thervil J. Post
January 12, 2010
Dear Sirs
I do appreciate the training you give , I do receive a very sound doctrine and well equiped to minister among my people in Haiti .
To God be the glory .
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 12, 2010
I'm currently a student of Liberty's Theological Seminary and I'm working on a Master's program there. The work that I did at Covington helped provide a foundation for learning that I will always be greatful for. The professors were qualified and current leaders in the body of Christ which made the training very practical and helpful for my spiritual development. Thank you Covington for all that you do!
Covington Alumni 2005
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