scott s. Post
June 20, 2014
Currently in masters program. When I was called into ministry later in life, I also knew that my call necessitated preparation. I began the process of evaluating options based on four criteria: Biblically faithful, focused on preparing me for ministry, distance based, and affordable. Through much prayer I felt a strong indication that CTS was the place for me.

CTS has, through the guiding of the Holy Spirit, been building a house upon the foundation I presented to them. This has been done by instruction that requires a Bible in hand as well as a textbook.

As far as aiding my ministry, coursework bleeds over into my preaching and ministry. There has been a genuine concern for my ministry rather than just building a resume so that my focus is on my church and not the next "big" church.

Being bivocational with a family the distance learning program has been a blessing. Course work is done late at night when the girls are in bed, but at least I have this option.

Lastly, CTS has allowed me to continue my education without putting my family in financial hardship.

I highly recommend CTS!
Douglas M. Post
June 20, 2014
Graduate in 2009. Though I had a firm foundation, Covington gave me the ability to build upon it. Go beyond the classroom. Beyond the four walls of the church in service of our Lord. In the trenches. Out onto the streets. Scattering seeds as "Johnny Plow." Tilling the soil and over turning the rocks of sin. Preparing it for others to come and reap the harvest. Long nights and weekends spent through Covington. Hard but much needed. To say Covington made a difference in my life is an understatement. I went from basic training to special forces. Gal 5:17,we are at war from within and from the outside. Covington trained me and prepared me. Onto the battle field. Bless you.
Bill L. Post
June 20, 2014
I would like to extend my gratitude to Dr. Steve Sullivan, Dr. Bret Sullivan and to the entire Covington Theological Seminary staff for providing me with a well-rounded seminary education and spiritual experience. I have enjoyed the classroom and spiritual leadership of Dr. Craven, Dr. Hudson, Rev. James, Dr. Skinner, and Dr. Taylor. These men have given of themselves to allow a number of men and women, who otherwise could not attend a traditional seminary, an opportunity to further their education and spiritual development. We are looking forward to the graduation events.
Gene Y. Post
April 21, 2014
In my opinion Covington Theological Seminary is one of the shining stars among the seminaries of America. As a former student and graduate I will always remember the information, the emphasis, and the challenges I received at your institute of higher learning related to our great God and Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. I continue to try and shuttle students your way. Some of those that I have encouraged are now your graduates.

I recently received your end of year letter regarding graduation. What a wonderful, challenging letter from Dr. Sullivan. Your school allows those who desire to serve God the opportunity without "causing overbearing financial debts that weigh God's servants down." Thank you for your faithfulness and service to God and to those who would serve God.

Gene Yancey, Th.D.
Richard W. Post
December 4, 2013
For the past 13 years, I have served as the senior pastor of Macland Baptist Church in Powder Springs, Georgia, a traditional Bible believing, Bible preaching SBC church, and one of the leading churches of the Noonday Baptist Association and Georgia Baptist Convention. I am.a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDivBL 1989)as well as Covington Theological Seminary (Th.D. 1995). I am writing just to say hello and to express my appreciation for the work you are doing in making Covington a high quality seminary. You have upgraded many of its degree programs while keeping its tuition affordable and accessible to many who could not otherwise complete ministry training. If I can ever be any assistance to you, please let me know.
Terry L. Post
August 23, 2013
In 2009 God got my attention in a big way, he reminded me of the call on my life when I was nine years old. I was layed flat on my back as I had open heart surgery. I was simply broken spiritually and physically, in December of 2009 my best friend and the one that kept encouraging me, my mom, passed away. I felt so alone in this part of my life, she always told me I needed to go back to school. I thought to myself that I have wasted so many years, to the call for my life, I simply did not know if God would allow me to come back to the call. In 2010 I was attending Daystar Baptist Fellowship Church, the pastor was Mike Reid. The pastor informed me that He was attending Covington Seminary. When I went down to enroll in 2010 I was so excited, but very worried because I had no income at the time. I knew this was where God wanted me to go. The school was so wonderful in making a way for me to attend when I talked with them. I just finished up my associate degree. I am overwhelmed by the love I have for the school. I love listening to every professor and I love being with all of my classmates. Every class I have took taken helps me out on a very personal level and it always seems to be at the time I needed it most. When I came back to sign up for this semester I was very worried that the school would not let me come back to school. I will be honest I was very sad about that thought, but I know with God all things are possible. In my life right now my resources are strapped as many people are, but the willingness of the school to work something out is amazing. The question you ask, why Covington? Covington is where I want to learn how to teach and preach the truth about my personal Savior and Lord Jesus Christ to anyone I come in contact with. That is why I cherish the school so much. Thank you from my heart for allowing me to keep learning.

Your Brother in Christ

Terry James Lovell (Easley Campus)
John G. Post
February 26, 2013
Having spent two years plus in making researches concerning C.T.S,I hereby come to the conclusion that C.T.S is one of the best of the bests in theological Education,their study books are written by the best Professors and Doctors in U.S.A. from
most of the prestigious Univrsities and Seminaries.So under every intellectual platform C.T.S. is a standard Institution.Believe it or not!!!
However, "It is not by might nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord God of Hosts".
Am glad to study in this Seminary.
Anthony S. Post
February 16, 2013
I received my Doctorates in Ministry in 2004. I loved the pace the school allows you to set. I found that I had to contact were very polite, helpful and professional. Anthony Smith D.Min
Kim Y. Post
January 3, 2013
I am a member of the class of 2007. I graduated with a Master of Religious Education. In 2012 I was called to be the pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville, AL. Thank you for your spiritual training. I look forward to receiving more.
Joseph R. Post
April 18, 2012
Let me begin by giving praise and adoration to God for being the Creator of the universe and have the agape love for mankind to want us all to be saved.
I give Him all the praise because only He (through Christ Jesus) could take a sinner like me and transform him into a faithful servant.
I would also like to thank Covington for having the vision to help create humble servants who can go out and preach and teach the Inspired Word of God.
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