Distance Learning Regulations

Time Limit on Studies

Since all programs of study are assigned on the basis of one school-year's work at a time, the student is expected to complete the assignments in one year. However, should circumstances arise causing a delay in completing one's studies, a one year extension may be granted upon receipt of a written request sent to the school and submitted to the Registrar.

Preparing and Mailing Lessons

All lessons presented to the seminary shall be written on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper, on one side only. Typewritten lessons are preferred, but not required. The student should make copies of his/her work to protect against loss in mailing lessons. A cover sheet including the student's name, address, student I.D. and the course name and number should be submitted with each course. Each page of the assignment should be numbered.

All assignments should be legibly and neatly written where the instructor will have no problem in deciding what the student has written. All assignments, research papers, or theses should have a 1-1/2 inch margin at the top and left hand side of the paper. A 1 inch margin should be at the bottom and the right hand side. The student should check his spelling and observe the rules of good English.

Postage on all lessons mailed to the Seminary must be paid by the student. Insufficient postage will be charged to the student's account and must be reimbursed by the student to the Seminary. All lessons and assignments should be mailed to the Seminary as soon as completed.

Any change of a student's name or address should be promptly reported to the Registrar. This will aid the Seminary in maintaining an accurate record of the student's status. Complete instructions are included in the notebook issued to each student.

Completing a Course

Distance-Learning students are asked to study only one course at a time. As each course is completed, he/she should mail the course to the Seminary. Once a course is graded, the formal grade sheet will be sent to the student.

We ask the student to endeavor to complete a four hour course each month. If more time is needed by a student to complete his/her degree or program, he/she is asked to contact the Seminary for an extension of time. Under normal circumstances the extra time is granted.

Should the Seminary fail to receive any written communications from the student for 90 days, the Seminary has the right to dismiss the student.

Any student who has been dropped and desires to be reinstated must pay a reinstatement fee along with any additional occurring tuition increase.

Withdrawal from School

If a student finds it necessary to withdraw from a course of study, he/she should contact the office of the Registrar. Merely ceasing to submit the lesson assignments or attend class does not constitute a withdrawal. Neither does it relieve the student of his financial obligations to the school. The signing of an enrollment application is a contract with CTS.

If a student decides to withdraw within 30 days after acceptance, all tuition will be refunded, less a $200 service charge to cover the expenses involved in the enrollment. Registration and enrollment, application and matriculation fees ($100) are not refunded. Should a student withdraw without the consent of the President or Dean, the student receives no refund.

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