Frequently Asked Questions

Who Profits From the Program?

  • Those who want to receive a Bible education and be more effective for serving God.
  • Those that have had some training and want to continue but cannot leave their field of employment and return to school.
  • Those who have graduated from other schools, who desire additional degrees, may profit from Covington's program.

What Courses are offered Through Distance-Learning?

All courses and programs listed in the online catalog (found on the bottom-right of the homepage) may be taken through the Distance-Learning study program unless otherwise noted.

Does Covington Allow Monthly Payments?

No Covington does not offer a monthly payment option. We do allow students to pay for their courses one at a time. We also give a 10% discount to those who pay the entire tuition up front. The only avaliable monthly payment options come from using Pay Pal to make tuition payments. Pay Pal offers a six month interest free payment plan. Additional charges include textbooks, shipping and handling, a mandatory graduation fee and other applicable fees.

Does Covington Offer Classroom Studies? 

Yes, Covington offers classroom studies which are conducted in the evenings, allowing the students an opportunity to have daytime jobs while earning a Bible education. Selected extensions offer some morning classes.  Currently there are 9 existing extension throughout the southeast.

Will Covington Accept Credit From Other Colleges and Seminaries?
Yes, Covington will accept credits by evaluation on an individual basis.
Can a Minister get Credit for Practical Experience? 
No, a student can no longer receive credit for practical experience at any program level.  This change was made in an effort to further validate the degree you do earn with Covington.
When May You Enroll? 
If the applicant desires to study by our Distance-Learning program, he/she may enroll at any time of the year regardless of the program. Should the student desire to attend our On-Site classes, please refer to the school calendar for designated dates.  Should the student desire to take courses through CTS Online the courses are offered in 8-week semesters which are also posted to the school calendar for designated dates.
CTS Online
Is there an extra fee above the tuition to take classes in CTS Online? 
There is a technical fee of $50.00 per course up to $100.00 so that if you take three or more classes the tech fee will still remain $100.00.
How many Classes am I allowed to take in CTS Online?
You may take up to four classes per semester; however a limit is placed on the first time student of two courses.
How many weeks are in each semester?
CTS Online is set up to be accessible and convenient for every student taking classes.  The schedule is set to do 10 modules in 16 weeks (112 days).  If at that time the student finds that they need an extension they may request an extension from the professor.
Can I complete a degree in the CTS Online School?
Yes, we currently offer classes that apply towards every degree offered at CTS.
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