Graduation 2017


We will be looking forward to seeing you this year at this very special event where we celebrate your accomplishments and the work the Lord is going to continue to do in your lives. 

     Graduation is always a very exciting time for us here at Covington.  It's a time for us to to meet for the first time our student body, or to get reacquainted with former students again.  Our graduation celebration consists of an Alumni Banquet/Awards Ceremony on Thursday night and the Commencement Services on Friday night.  At the Alumni Banquet we celebrate and recognize some of our partners and students in the Impact Eternity missions program as well as give awards to existing students who have excelled in their degree programs.  This banquet is mandatory for graduate students.  We hope you will join us this year and bring a loved one.  To join our Alumni Association and receive information concerning Impact Eternity and the banquet click here.  Please call us at 706-866-5626 or email us at to make sure that your name gets on the graduation list.

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